My business card reads in part: “Lectures, Seminars, Private Lessons.”

I offer all of the above. Most of the demand has been for speeches or lessons related to gambling, especially my twin fortes, Backgammon and Blackjack (check the links at the top of this page), but my repertoire is not limited to those. A few possibilities would include:

      “Taxicab Confessions”

      “Well Manicured Fists of Fury – the making of a low-budget kickboxing movie”

      “Are you sure there’s no dog in my dog mandoo – learning a foreign language in one week”



I charge individuals $100 per hour for backgammon lessons over the Internet, or at tournaments. If you are interested in an all-day or all-week lesson at your home, contact me and we can work out the details.


I will happily craft a lecture if you have a particular area of backgammon you would like addressed. In the past I have had good response to lectures given in Sweden, Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan, as well as here in the US. Two of the most popular lectures have been:

     “4-away, 3-away – the most peculiar score”

     “Oddities and Curiosities”

Coming to Japan in October, 2002:

     “Contact Bearoffs”


General Gambling

During the time I belonged to the Midwest Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America I was approached to speak on general gambling topics. I lectured to the local chapter of MMWA, to Sisters in Crime, and at the annual conference Of Dark and Stormy Nights 2001.

     “Confessions of a blackjack player I – learning the ropes”

     “Confessions of a blackjack player II – later adventures in Korea and AC”

     “Cheating in gaming – dirty tricks on both sides of the table”



I will teach individuals the basic concepts of card counting for $100 per hour either here in Tucson or at backgammon tournaments, and will travel to teach groups. I am currently developing a more ambitious course for players who have already learned the basics.


21 Pro Power Course